LwT Challenge

Learning with Technology Challenge


The Challenge:


Reflect on this question:

This year, we will frame our work and thinking around the QEP with a guiding question - a reflection on our practice as our teaching (and learning) is informed and enriched by our integration of technology.

We are asking that we make our reflections 'conspicuous' through the public sharing and conversation around certain expressions and artifacts we will ask you to create.

There are no 'rules' for this work. What is presented is intended as a loose boundary - which we are challenging you to push immediately. We are looking for YOUR creative interpretations and expressions as we seek to reveal/make our LwT [Learning with Technology] practice 'plain'.  Please invite your students to join in the conversation and sharing.  Co-learning with technology is really what our QEP is all about!

How do you mentor/model using technology to learn?

  • How...when it comes to your students?
  • How...when it comes to your colleagues?
  • How...when it comes to your own work/learning/scholarship?
  • How...when it comes to your own professional network?

Read this:

Ken Bain NPR Interview (2014)

Aschwanden, C. (2015). Stop Trying to Be Creative. fivethirtyeightscience

Warner, J. (2015). An Education Necessity: Mind Blowing Experiences. Inside Higher Ed


  • A device for taking & sharing pictures
  • A whiteboard (or other method for creating a visual representation of your ideas)
  • A piece of presentation software of your choosing (we'll share some possibilities at our monthly meetings). Feel free to use your favorite 'go-to' tool though. 'New' is not expected here.
  • Willingness to show and share your thinking!
  • Our Twitter hashtag #qepfdi. If you like, you can add an additional tag to identify with #LwTC (Learning with Technology Challenge)

The Monthly Shares

Each month, we will ask that you (and your students) show and share your thinking/reflections/experiences/examples of how you mentor/model using technology to learn. There will be a different 'share' each month, starting in August. Share as many examples of each as you like, but we do want you to share at least once in response to the monthly prompt. Share using your Twitter hashtag - #qepfdi. If you like you can add #LwTC as well. If you are Twitterless, use the wiki we have created in our Blackboard community site for sharing.

The Monthly Shares are:

August - The Selfie (HT to the #AdvSelfie Challenge whose spectacular idea we are emulating here!)

  1. Take a picture in your office.
  2. Link to a motivating quote/song/or video/image - whatever 'speaks' to you.
  3. Describe/show something you are looking forward to for the semester.
  4. Share a 'story' of something re: you/your own learning with technology.
  5. Give a shout-out to a colleague whose teaching/learning with technology you admire - in other words, who is your LwT hero?

September - A visual representation/answer to The Question

  1. Make a doodle on a whiteboard.
  2. Use colors/charts/diagrams.
  3. Make an infographic.
  4. Use a digital drawing tool.

October - A picture on campus BOLO

Be on the lookout when you are out and about around campus.

  1. Take a picture of something that illustrates a response to 'The Question'.
  2. Take a picture of someone engaged in an activity that speaks to you.
  3. Take a picture of a place on campus where learning with technology happens.

November - Reach out/A Community Example

  1. Share a picture of an example of something/someone NOT on campus.
  2. Share a link to a resource you connect with.
  3. Share a *new* discovery you have made

December- Celebration Showcase!

We will be collecting your works for a compilation celebration to showcase our discoveries!

©2008 Ginnerbot. CC BY 2.0
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